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Dating back to the early 13th century (precisely 1205), The church of our Lady is an important landmark in the town of Meissen.Meissen is often called the Cradle of Saxony, and the church has been the centre of action for nine centuries in this late medieval town.So when I visited the town, the church was a must-visit.It was already evening when I walked into the town and the church building was closed.is made in the Gothic style, and has remained unchanged since the mid fifteenth century.Now Meissen is now more famous for the famed Meissen porcelain and the Albrechtsburg castle on the hilltop, yet the church building holds its own even today.But I was keen to climb up on the tower which looked like the tallest structure around, and so the most interesting one as well.The gate was locked, and after further enquiries I figured that the keys are kept in the Tourist Center just across the square.

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But it was the view of the Meissen Christmas market which took my breath away.

I had been to a few Christmas market in Dresden already, but this one was different - it was small and intimate, and everyone knew each other.