Wentworth miller who is he dating

22-Jan-2016 10:37

Don't you think a guy like Luke, who is so private about everything, would find it offensive that someone stated he is gay, hell, gave a false interview if that WASN'T the case? Whatever, you are a moron, your post at r37 proves you are dense. I am stunned that some person, who obviously has an issue with Luke said he was 4 out of 10, Look at the picture at r21, He is 11out of 10. I don't have the time to answer your whole post, since I actually have a life.BTW, r28, you are just stupid, what's your problem? are you insane or what, you are such a rude person, with horrible taste in men, are you a man or are you some sort of half rat half donkey ass? so fucking stupid and have rotten taste in problem is you have no idea of what is attractive, Luke is utterly gorgeous, and you are a stupid rude moron and I doubt you look too hot yourself, what did Luke turn you down (cause he isn't even gay, he was talking about his role ad Scotty) oh yeah i get it know yu are stupid becuase you can't even read, you didn't even get that Luke was talking about his role as Scotty being gay and not him you stupd fuck. I guess that's why he has stated he is GAY on TWO different occations, right?you obviously have one, are you always just a stupid cunt or only when the light's come on? Because he obviously is straight and in the closet! So that also obviously points to the fact that he's straight!Luke is a trillion light years away from fugly and anyway you'll be happy and not care then (because you have such distorted, hideous taste) to know he isn't even gay.An I heard that from a very, very reliable source, but i can't say no more as of yet.

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Sorry, trying to be as "rational" as the fangurl troll.. You'd probably just call it an "experimentation face."A gay guy can be friends with straight guys, yes.I wonder why the guy running his fansite hasn't gotten sued yet then? However, this is not what is happening in this case. Why have we seen Luke with more guys than girls if he is so straight?