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01-Dec-2014 10:29

If you haven't done so already, uninstall Quicken: Quicken 2014 - New Features Click here to view what's new for 2014.

NET 4.0 needed for Installation Quicken 2014 requires the .

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To activate your Pro File product, you will require a license which includes a "Product Code" and a "License Key" for each product you've purchased. If you need to reinstall Pro File on a new computer, download here.

NOTE: This download is for Pro File customers only and cannot be used as a trial.

If you are looking for a free Pro File trial, click here. Step 3: Enter your "Product Code" and "License Key" for each module (T1, T2, T3, Forms Expert or Suite) on the same computer as shown below.

An Intuit online account lets you sync returns to Intuit's secure servers, and later access them with the Pro File Review web app. If you set up an Intuit online account, you'll be asked for the folder that has the client files that you want to sync.

Note: If you've purchased additional licenses for a module, enter the "Product Code" and "License Key" only once on each additional computer.