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i Knife Collector Hosted by Gus Marsh Topic: Western Cutlery Company November 21, 2012 WESTERN CUTLERY COMPANY The Western Cutlery Company story and that of several other manufactures could begin in 1864, the year that Charles W. Platts was descended from a long line of knife makers and, in turn, his descendants were to have a significant impact upon a number of U. A few years later, he became superintendent of the factory belonging to the Northfield Knife Company in the nearby town from which the company took its name. Champlin and his son Tint were joined temporarily in the business by four brothers of Mrs. A developing west proved to be fertile ground for knife sales since the cowboys, farmers, miners, and others workers needed quality cutlery to use many times every day. Platts first employment in this country was the American Knife Company in Reynolds Bridge, Connecticut. Platts & Sons Cutlery Company in nearby Gowanda, New York, which in 1887 moved to new and larger facilities in Eldred, Pennsylvania. Sometime earlier, Russ had begun a jobbing company known as “W. Accompanying Platts and his family to their new home was a determination to continue his lifetime work in the cutlery industry.

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Before the year 1911 was over, orders were being sold and knives were arriving from the east to fill them.

The new business was named “Western States Cutlery and Manufacturing Company”. The geographical name was given to establish an identity separate from that of the Case and Platts businesses back east, and the “States” extension of the name signified the companys sales territory. Although the business was prospering and a manufacturing facility would have been in order, it would be several years coming.