What does a godly dating relationship look like

06-Feb-2016 05:36

That wedge gets bigger as the devil uses it as a foothold.I sometimes feel like if I’m not ready for 100% perfection as a Christian, I might as well don’t bother.Do we feel guilty when we see him because we know we have fallen below his standards?Do we feel like we have to be prepared to tow his line first before we can have a relationship with Him? I sometimes feel like I haven’t done enough to earn the listening ear and the blessings of my Abba Father.Lies that the devil has been planting in my head since the day I was born.Lies that inadvertently form the nature of all our relationships.We learn these lies through significant people in my life, through media and through incomplete or inaccurate teachings and emphasis in institutions.

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Is it an authoritative figure that invokes fear and trembling in a negative way?All the things people tell me I should do, I might fall short off…the fact is, my heart is sinful despite my good intentions and sometimes I struggle to come before my Father but yet when I sit and think about it enough and soak myself in His presence, I find that they are all lies.The bible refers to God as our Abba Father – an intimate fatherly relationship.

Unfortunately for many of us, a fatherly relationship creates a rather undesirable picture in our head based on our own relationship with our own father.

If I sit still enough in His presence and pour out my innermost thoughts and heart, I will know that He’s just waiting with open arms to hear me talk to Him even if it is about how inadequate I feel before Him.