What does god say about dating and mating

07-Feb-2016 01:38

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In this section, however, we are focusing only on those verses that instruct us by example or precept that we ought to wait upon the Lord.Let's look at forty plus times the words 'waiting' upon God is used. Firstly, we see that the phrase or notion of waiting upon God was new from David's time onward.'Waiting for' definitely exudes this sense of confidence, but it is more than this.We see them waiting for some person or for the salvation of God.We will use some of these other usages to help define what it means to actually wait upon God.

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There are some teachings which we will at once say, "This is what we are suppose to do." But the fact is, we have never even looked over the biblical support for what we are doing or even asking others to do!Let us now do that with the phase 'waiting for God." We have two questions First of all we should recognize that there are many things people wait for in the scriptures.