When does inuyasha and kagome start dating

15-May-2016 16:04

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If I remember correctly, Rumiko Takahashi said that Inuyasha loves both of them about the same. They're both willing to die to be with/for Inuyasha. You do have to think about the fact that Inuyasha and Kikyo are both willing to say that they love each other while Inuyasha and Kagome aren't (and attack anyone that hints at it). That episode was eppy 48 Return to the Place Where We First Met.But I have heard somewhere that Inuyasha picked to be with Kikyo in one episode, but Kagome made him feel guilty (there's a name for people like her... Even if Inuyasha decides to be with Kagome, Inuyasha will never forget Kikyo and it will cause some problems in their relationship unless one of two things happen in the end: 1) Part of Inuyasha goes with Kikyo to the afterlife while the other half stays with Kagome. 2) It turns out that Kagome is actually a great x20 granddaughter of Inuyasha and Kikyo and unless Kagome wants to be with her great x20 grandfather, she goes back to her time (credit to this theory goes to the website Shrine Maiden). I guess you could count the episode before it too...

Kagome happens to have stumbled there and runs home.In episode 48, Inuyasha says "Oh I'm going with Kikyou yay!: D" causing the party and Kaede are all "WTF U SUCK GO GET KAGOME FOOL KIKYO IS DEAD" and stuff.Meanwhile, Kagome's at home wallowing in misery, wishes Kikyou was dead, regrets it, then realizes she loves Inuyasha as she's walking past Goshihoweveritsspelledbuku (the place where they first met.... So, uh, Inuyasha's going to Kagome's time to tell Kagome they can't see each other anymore.

Since, well, Inuyasha was going off with Kikyou and all, would have been awkward.

Then he sees Kagome sitting on the well, kind of entranced by her, Kagome says some stuff like "oh me and kikyo are alike we both want to be with you so can i stay" and whatnot, then they just walk off hand in hand. I'd like to point out that the knife crap never happened in the manga, Kikyou seemed pretty happy to see him.