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Thus, a Vance-centric episode didn't sound that good, especially as that would almost certainly mean very limited Ducky - as he's normally the one to 'lose out' when we have a someone-centric episode.

It was an episode that got stronger as it went on; it started 'okayish' and pretty much 'yeah, we know what's going to happen' and then the pace stepped up. So for Gibbs/Ducky fen we had several really nice scenes and a dinner date *g*, and so rather than lose out, Ducky did feature quite a lot.

It's an African American male in his late 40s; his name is Tyler Keith Owens and he had been underwater for some time. Jimmy obligingly pops up and 'reminds' Gibbs that that is was hours before Vance left with Mc Gee and Ziva to go to Chicago. Ducky then tells Gibbs he's been asked to perform the autopsy by Leon Vance adding that Tyler's effects are with Abby on the orders of Leon Vance.

Ducky is clearly not happy with the situation, that's obvious from his tone, his body language and the way he keeping saying Vance's full name.

Overall there were some good scenes and banter, and if Vance ever doubted it, he knows only too well that the team is Gibbs's; they are loyal to him. I did, however, guess the Vance/Tyler thing, or at least part of it.

And we had Jimmy, always nice and his scene with Abby and Vance was fun. We begin in Chicago (with some awful background music - well by my standards awful *g*) with a woman leading a man to a room - it appears that she is some kind of high class hooker and he's a client.

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I was in two minds about this episode before watching it. On the other hand, the idea of Gibbs and Vance having a 'run in' appealed very much indeed.

One, I don't like boxing and from the previews boxing was going to feature and two, I'm ambivalent about Vance, I quite like the dynamics he has with Gibbs, but . As it was, despite some issues with it - I've said it before but I'll repeat it, episodes that seem to constantly flick back and forth from place to place a high speed aren't my favourite - I ended up enjoying it. No one actually annoyed me in this episode, unlike Gibbs I didn't want to slap anyone.

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