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16-Nov-2014 05:38

I can recall watching Styles when he was a young, clean-cut up-and-comer in NWA Wildside, and to think that same man is sitting atop the wrestling business as the WWE World champion is crazy to even comprehend. It’s just that very few, if any, thought it would ever happen.Styles being a member of WWE’s roster still sort of boggles my mind on its own.It should come as no surprise that Ambrose had probably his best showing while in the ring with Styles.

By hook or by crook, Styles is now in possession of the same title once held by Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock, Bruno Sammartino and numerous other legends that he is slowly entering the same class of. That is a sentence I never thought I would type a year ago this time, but it is only the latest surreal development of 2016.It goes on top of a list that already includes Kevin Owens holding the WWE Universal title and Shinsuke Nakamura claiming the NXT title.Part of the reason why WWE has made Styles a featured attraction is because he over delivers in the ring and Backlash was another example of that.He and Ambrose produced a very good match that was arguably Ambrose’s best match all year.

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Those suspicions should be long gone by this point because Styles holds the two biggest titles in wrestling: A clean win over John Cena and the WWE World championship.So, yeah, I think WWE has done right by him so far.