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09-May-2015 09:46

It wasn’t long after I got into the NBA I realized that every team had multiple media outlets that had to write, talk or broadcast something every day. It was so easy to get them to write almost anything.

Once I started getting fined by the NBA, the national door flew wide open.

Paris would tell them what she would be wearing and what celebs she would be partying with.

Both knew exactly how to leverage the media of the time to their advantage.

I learned it from watching Dennis Rodman and Paris Hilton. Give them a place and time to talk to you about it. Dennis would tell them where he would be partying, with who and something wild he would do.

At the time, sports media, not only believed they were journalists, they actually tried to be. They tried to add some depth of coverage to even the simplest or stupidest of topics, say working at a Dairy Queen because I had gotten fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for saying the head of NBA officiating (who still works for the NBA btw), could not manage a DQ.

And the athlete's most recent visit to Pyongyang became controversial after an agitated, drunken Rodman gave an interview to CNN from North Korea in which he suggested that Kenneth Bae, a seriously ill American missionary imprisoned in North Korea, was responsible for his own imprisonment.

'At least someone tried': Rodman made two trips to the DPRK amid widespread criticism.

“If you understand what Kenneth Bae did,” Rodman yelled on CNN. So if I meet him someday, I will just want to say `thank you’ for what he has done that really brought international attention to my plight.” Bae added: “Altogether it worked out for good for my release.

I’m grateful.” Bae had been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for bringing Christian material to the country.

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