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07-Aug-2016 09:38

WWE recently sent its Lana and Rusev story back to the drawing board after TMZ reported that the two were never actually ever broken up and are now engaged.

The on-screen story, of course, was that the couple had split and were in a love square with the Ghost of Entertaining Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae.

Wrestle Mania VII saw them reunite after an on-screen break-up, all leading to a “marriage” at Summer Slam 1991.

On November 29, 1999, Test and Stephanie Mc Mahon were to be joined in holy matrimony live on Monday Night Raw.

Only one problem -- Steph was already hitched to Triple H in Vegas.

In the past, the relationship being all good in real life wouldn’t matter too much.

But we’re in the reality era, where the non-kayfabe facts matter and a couple can only pretend to be broken up for so long without everyone knowing.

Lana and Rusev’s relationship isn’t the first to go through major real-life storylines as on-screen drama played out.

Here are some of the more memorable instances of kayfabe love interacting with shoot love. Elizabeth – They’re easily the most famous and beloved couple in wrestling history, but their real-life relationship was tumultuous and abusive.

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