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25-Jan-2016 17:04

The pair formed an alliance during their stay in the mansion, although their burgeoning romance soon fizzled and they found themselves going home last night.We caught up with them as they chatted with reporters about the experience...I think I gave up early on and even though I was talking to Natalie and Tenley to try and keep us there, I really just didn't even think we had a fighting chance, so it was nice to see that they did take into consideration keeping us."Jesse: "I agree, definitely."Jesse, do you think if you'd stayed with Natalie you'd still be in the game or would she have stuck with Dave no matter what?"I think she would have stuck with Dave no matter what. They compromised and matured together, and eventually even got married and had kids!Well, according to John Stamos, if things had gone differently, he and Lori Loughlin might have had that life for real!Mine and Natalie's relationship was seriously just a few days, just a quick fling thing.I was attracted to her and her to me so it was a quick thing.

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Her and Dave definitely make a better couple."Do you feel like you should have tried harder to break up the couples?

Peyton: "I think no matter what, whoever went at what time, I don't want to play the coulda woulda shoulda game, I think that everything we did as a couple and as individuals got us as far as it did for a reason.