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24-Jun-2016 08:26

And now, according to a report in the Korean media publication Osen, there is some discrepancy about what happened after she informed him that she was pregnant.Kim Hyun Joong has stated that he wanted his girlfriend to get a medical check-up after she informed him of the pregnancy and sent him ultrasound images."She's already delivered proof of her pregnancy with ultrasound pictures, so why does she have to go see the doctor," said Sun."There's no need." According to Sun, Choi has been in contact with Kim the whole time and does not trust him because he claimed not to have been able to reach her.

According to Sun, Kim implied she never went to her hospital appointments and he was concerned about her health but the lawyer said that Choi has received medical help.A recent article in the Korean magazine "Woman Sense" claimed that Kim Hyun Joong and his ex were reuniting.But the odds against these two having a successful relationship may be insurmountable.But the problems may have arisen after his father got involved, as his family does not trust her.

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Through his agency Key East, he said that he never wanted her to prove she was pregnant but only wanted her to get a medical check-up.She apparently resented that request and did not feel comfortable with the doctor they recommended.