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Though the other ladies are talented, no doubt, Nina was clearly the best fit.(Interestingly enough, Alex ended up playing twins on TLG! Did you know the name “Salvatore” almost never happened?Here are 35 interesting details and well-kept secrets you didn’t know about everyone’s favorite show and its gorgeous and gifted cast members. Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, and Paul Wesley all auditioned to be Damon. Another Hollywood starlet playing all those Petrova doppelgängers? Meredith Fell in Season 3 and 4 — and whole times to read for the part.Nina herself almost didn’t get cast since she was ill the day of her audition and gave a lackluster performance; but, due to her tenacity and dedication, she recorded another audition and mailed it to the casting directors who were blown away by her abilities the second time around.Damian, if you come across this, thanks for the inspiration.” Talk about a major compliment! While we’re on the “age” topic, did you know that Nina Dobrev is actually six months younger than Steven R.Mc Queen, the actor who plays her little brother Jeremy? However Kat Graham beats them both by being able to speak Spanish, French, 15.but do you know everything about the show and its cast?Well it’s time to really put your knowledge to the test, and learn more. Before Nina Dobrev landed the coveted role of Elena Gilbert, several actresses were actually being considered by The CW network, including Ashlee Simpson, Torrey De Vitto — who ended up playing Dr.

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Apparently it was too “Italian” for the world of Mystic Falls. If you thought Damon Salvatore was too good to be real, guess again!Stefan and Damon originally went by the surname “Whitmore” just like their Uncle Zach, Elena’s friend Aaron in Season 5, and the college most of the characters have been attending since the fourth season began. The character was actually inspired by executive producer Les Morgenstein’s childhood friend.

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