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The character goes from a boy to a man in the film, that’s what Martha wanted. Did you work on anything off the set that helped you get that onscreen chemistry? She made Paige so real and that was always my concern with the Prince. I don’t come from the background of this movie at all.

She said you brought an edge to the character that was missing from the other actors who auditioned. I’m still learning as an actor and I don’t really know how I work and what my set ways are. You have to adapt to each job you do to whoever you’re working alongside – and I like that. The most outrageous thing I’ve done Well actually I had a girlfriend at college who was in London while I was in college in Birmingham, which is like three hours away. I’m sure there’s something but I can’t think of it.

I didn’t go to a private school or anything like that.

I went to some pretty rough, comprehensive schools in South London.

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What surprised me about this is that I feel like I was just sort of a budding actor in London.

I didn’t really expect to get a lead role in a movie, just suddenly like this. I was just tiptoeing in the shallow end and I feel like somebody picked me up and shoved me into the deep end.

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Is your personality closer to the prince side or the college student side? I mean he’s a bit goofy at times – and I can be a bit goofy (laughing). As an actor you use a lot of your imagination and I suppose I did that mostly with the character rather than it being anything like me. Well you know most of the characters I’ve played before this have been like that, like that streetwise folks. But I don’t come from that kind of royal life at all. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done to impress someone? I drove down in the middle of night in my old car and blew it up because I was driving so fast. Fans will be getting to know you and searching for info on you because of this movie.It’s hard to say because you go through so many changes. I read in the production notes that the director said you brought a hidden bad boy, streetwise quality to the character. I live in London and I’m a city boy, and I suppose I am quite streetwise. Did you and Julia Stiles do anything special to help connect on the set? But the way Julia and I worked, we didn’t rehearse a hell of a lot. We never really heard each other say the lines until we actually were turning over on set, shooting it. What fact about your background would surprise people?