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16-Jan-2015 01:51

From that point on we’ve just been really good friends.” Well, it certainly showed in !

Mae will be the first person to tell you how closely she relates to Bianca.

“It was so beautiful and it was such a rare day in Atlanta where it was raining and we were in this forest,” Mae told Hollywood

“It was so peaceful and we were hanging out by this lake, and we carved our initials into a bridge there.” That’s adorable!

Mae Whitman, 26, and Robbie Amell, 26, — who play Bianca and Wesley — dished to Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY at the film’s New York premiere about their special on set moments, connecting with their characters and more! The sharp and funny chemistry between Robbie and Mae was key to making the movie work.

They both agreed that the movie’s “Think Rock” scene was their favorite moment, and Mae revealed that’s where she and Robbie had a fun and sweet moment.

When her character is informed by her jock neighbor that she’s the DUFF to her two swan-like best friends, she goes into a tailspin.

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However, Robbie fully admitted that he was on edge before reading with Mae before shooting the film.“I was actually super nervous to chemistry read with Mae,” Robbie told Hollywood “I was intimidated.