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24-Jan-2015 20:59

Were you in New York while they were hit with a ton of snow recently?Marsha Ambrosius: I’m in Philadelphia, just a few hours away but yeah we were hit hard.I asked random fans to tweet me their numbers so I could call them and sing them happy birthday.You know, just random little things you can do to pass the time with your fans that are anxiously awaiting .After hitting the stage to sing “Take Me a With You,” she segued into singing the late legend’s classic “Do Me Baby.” However, during her rendition, she made it a point to rub her noticeably rounder belly several times, especially each time she sang “baby.” The singer later confirmed the news to ESSENCE, adding that she would soon be welcoming a baby girl.I can still remember the first time I heard the powerful soul-filled voice of England’s Marsha Ambrosius.

AE: Oh my god, you actually called your fans and sang to them over the phone? You’ve done an incredible job of getting back into shape, are you going to be the next J-Hud?

MA: Yeah, I have over 60,000 followers online and people were tweeting me their real numbers, so I was like, the fact that these people sent me their real numbers and were like, “Just call me to say hello,” I was like, alright! It’s nice to have a direct line of communication back to people that really respect what you do. MA: You know what, I can’t be the next J-Hud because she had a whole baby!

It wasn’t until recently hearing about the singing faction of the group, Marsha Ambrosius, releasing a solo album and then watching the powerful video for her gorgeous single, “Far Away,” that I put two and two together.

and the making of her gay-positive video for “Far Away.”After Ellen.com: I wasn’t planning on doing the interview at home but I’m in Chicago and I’m bracing myself for the snowpacalypse.

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I thought last year was terrible but this year has been awful, it’s never-ending – I can’t take it. I get a snow day tomorrow and I’m looking for advice about things to do.

MA: I had a bout of cabin fever so I was UStreaming and Tweeting a whole lot.