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Rosie's look here is a perfect example of her Sloaney style, and we love it.Her net dress is from London-based brand Ukulele, a relatively new label whose designs have already been popular with the likes of The Saturdays, Little Mix, and Rosie's fellow Chelsea gal Millie Mackintosh (how gorgeous will their double dates be, by the way?!Mesh is a hot trend right now - just look to Kim Kardashian's obsession with Veronique Leroy if you don't believe us.I think Rod Stewart said that you might not be the best looking lad, but wearing the right clobber gives you confidence.With this record I wanted to be like, ‘Well here’s a great album, and you can either take it or leave it’. I didn’t do a gig or an interview or a photo for nearly two years which sort of killed me because I love it.The singer, who released his debut solo album ‘The Colour Of The Trap’ earlier this year, told The Independent that he felt he had a point to prove with his debut release as people perceived him as riding Turner’s coat tails to success.Asked if he had been affected by public perception of him during the making of ‘The Colour Of The Trap’, Kane replied: “There was definitely a point to prove because a lot of people out there just see me as Al’s best mate and the new kid that was in the Puppets who didn’t really do anything.” He continued: “I’m not soft, I know some people think that.You need to look sharp.''I'm going for the bowl-cut, quite Beatle-y.

Sleep Dealer_ The Way Home Billions of the brightest stars, secret and unknown planets…An eternal silence reigns amidst millions of miles of endless space – the places where only a handful of people have been.Nobody knows except the dreamers who are inspired by the cosmos to create the most beautiful tales of distant planets and the eternity of existence.Miles Kane has said that he’s conscious he is still viewed by most of the public as simply the best friend of Arctic Monkeys‘ Alex Turner.

As the non-Arctic Monkeys half of the British supergroup duo the Last Shadow Puppets, '60s-centric singer/songwriter Miles Kane crafted folky, enigmatic pop songs heavily indebted to the dark, baroque...But there's one thing they have in common, and that's their super sharp taste in clothes.