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Early in his career, he wrote for the sitcom Roseanne and made appearances on shows including The Drew Carey Show and News Radio. Comedy Central named him #83 on the five-part miniseries 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time.His brother is Canadian journalist Neil Macdonald, of CBC News.Macdonald repeatedly ridiculed public figures such as Marion Barry, Michael Jackson and O. In the broadcast following Simpson's acquittal, Macdonald opened "Weekend Update" by saying: "Well, it is finally official: Murder is legal in the state of California." During the February 24, 1996, episode, Macdonald made a controversial joke about the sentencing of John Lotter, one of the two men who committed the notorious murder of Brandon Teena: "In Falls City, Nebraska, John Lotter has been sentenced to death for attempting to kill three people in what prosecutors called a plot to silence a cross-dressing female who had accused him of rape.Norm Macdonald unspooled quite the Twitter tale last week about why Eddie Murphy was missing from the SNL 25th anniversary special (he was hurt by a David Spade joke; Murphy was kicked while his career was down, on air by his former employer).

Macdonald joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL) television program in 1993, where he performed impressions of Larry King, Burt Reynolds, David Letterman, Quentin Tarantino, Charles Kuralt and Bob Dole, among others.

Following Kevin Nealon's departure from SNL, Macdonald anchored the segment "Weekend Update".

Macdonald would occasionally deliver a piece of news, then take out his personal compact tape recorder and leave a "note to self" relevant to what he just discussed.

He commonly used Frank Stallone as a non sequitur punchline. Throughout Simpson's trial for murder, Macdonald constantly pilloried the former football star, often heavily implying Simpson was guilty of the brutal slaying of his wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman.

is a Canadian stand-up comedian, writer, producer and actor.

He is best known for his five seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, which included anchoring "Weekend Update" for three years.

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