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Throughout their history these mid-priced PCPs have offered accuracy, reliability and value for money, making them favourites with the hunting community, and lately also with HFT competitors.In the past some S300 and S400 rifles have even been pressed into service for the highly specialised sport of field target shooting – and they’ve done well there too.This was simply because as you drew back the bolt, the magazine would turn one notch putting the next pellet into battery, then pushing the bolt forward would seat the pellet into the barrel’s breech. Unfortunately, if you hadn’t pulled the bolt back enough, you would have failed to set the mechanism for the next shot.To rectify this you couldn’t just pull the bolt fully back and then forward again, as this would put a second pellet into the breech.Air Arms set great store in customer feedback, and have a rolling R&D programme to keep their products at the forefront of the market.Everything they do is tried and tested before it is finalised.So to overcome the problem you would have to pull back the bolt enough to allow the magazine to be removed, then with the magazine out of the gun, pull the bolt completely back until you heard the distinctive ‘click’ of the firing mechanism resetting (as the trigger blade ‘kicked’ forward).

The S500/510 SL series show several modifications and at least one major change over the previous S400 models.The change that I refer to can be seen instantly; the replacement of the old bolt action (as in S300/400 models) with a side lever cocking system, hence the SL in the model designation. As mentioned previously, since their launch the S400 and S410 have been popular for both hunting and HFT, and rightly so, but personally I always found a little niggle with the operation of the bolt action on the multi-shot S410 version.