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With Children” wasn’t a far cry from himself: he too was a star football player in high school. With Children” runs even deeper for O’Neill because it also connected him with his wife, actress Catherine Rusoff, who starred in two episodes of the show.His role as disgruntled father prepped him as well for his more recent role as Jay Pritchett on today’s “Modern Family,” which he’s won two Screen Actor’s Guild Awards for.With Children” is just one of his long list of dislikes.

Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy THEN: “A fat woman came into the shoe store...” Ed O’Neil’s famous line as Al Bundy in “Married...As a shoe salesman, husband to Peggy Bundy and father of two children, Al is a hilariously disgruntled guy who loves his time on the toilet and harking back to old times when he was a star high school football player.NOW: Funnily enough, O’Neill’s character on “Married... With Children.” The name itself sounds like a death knell, which in Al Bundy’s case, it is!

The idea of the wholesome “All-American Family” is turned upside down in this knee-slapping sitcom that kept audiences coming back for eleven seasons from 1987 to 1997.

One thing she isn’t lacking though is a strong libido...