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While the characters do have very important ties to the titular doll, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorainne Warren, who were played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in last year’s horror film, don’t actually make an appearance in director John Leonetti and producer James Wan, and personally wondering about Farmiga and Wilson’s absence, I took the opportunity to ask if there was ever a discussion behind the scenes about having them make a cameo appearance.As it turns out, there were conversations about it, but it was ultimately decided that the schedules just wouldn’t work out, so the idea was left behind.

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I didn’t have the opportunity to ask Leonetti and Wan about it during our short interview, but I remain curious as to what the cinematic future holds for Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and the series.

We had chosen this flamboyant, decadent tango as our first dance and then when it came time, we literally couldn’t get close enough! "Vera Farmiga Interview: Chats ' Up in the Air' and Her Craft." It allows me to live in a simple way where I don't need to feel the pressure of taking this role or that role just in order to maintain the lease on my very expensive hot-rod car.

- as any prequel/spin-off would – but one link it doesn’t have is appearances from the originals’ stars.

certainly represents an expansion of the franchise, I wonder if we’ll ever get a more direct sequel with the Warrens looking into another one of their most famous cases.

By Sheri Stritof Renn Hawkey and Vera Farmiga live close to Vera's family roots. Here is information on their wedding and marriage relationship. Stephen Whitty: "Early on, it gave pause to her new husband, keyboardist Renn Hawkey, who wondered if she might stop doing nude scenes now that they were a couple.Born: Vera Ann Farmiga: August 6, 1973 in Passaic County, New Jersey. Farmiga — who agrees to them or not depending on the script, the director and the mood on the set — then asked Hawkey how he’d feel if she asked him to stop playing certain notes. "Vera Farmiga Interview: Chats ' Up in the Air' and Her Craft."