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The track slated to end the album, "Time Flies," pushes boundaries in a different way, clocking in at more than seven minutes."I went to a different planet when I wrote that song," Scantlin said.In a nod to some of Scantlin's classic rock leanings, "Sittin' at the Bottom" kicks off with a nearly minute-long drum solo.Another song that pays homage to Scantlin's boyhood heroes is the moody rocker "Think," which the singer said was inspired by Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin is set to put his Life on Display when his band's second album is released on November 25.

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he was put in cuffs immediately after walking off stage. "It's the kind of song where you can lay back in bed and cruise to sleep.After selling millions of records and spilling his feelings about the girl who did him wrong on such hits as "She Hates Me," notoriously unlucky-in-love Scantlin admits that "Away From Me" is yet another tale of romantic woe."That song is about when I was on the road and I was dating this girl and everything she ever told me was one huge lie," Scantlin said.

"When we split, I found out about things that went on when I was on tour." Scantlin said he wrote the lyrics by picturing what he thought his ex was doing while he was away, only to find out that what he imagined was exactly what was going on behind his back.

The singer calls this his special gift, a kind of rock and roll "psychic writing" that informs many of the band's new songs. "I write lyrics and don't know what I'm writing about, and then when I'm done I realize I was writing about something that just happened." The group — which also features guitarist Paul Phillips, bassist Doug Ardito and drummer Greg Upchurch — recorded more than 23 songs for the album, including "Heel Over Head," "Spin You Around," "Freak of the World" and "Sittin' at the Bottom," which Scantlin said was one of POM's heaviest songs to date.