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11-Jun-2016 03:26

In his new autobiography, Wyclef Jean recounts in vivid detail the story of his climb to the top with the Fugees, the affair with Lauryn Hill that brought an end to the group—and the two men he wanted to murder in Haiti.

In 1996, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras Michel, together known as the Fugees, released The Score, a record born out of as much passion and strife between its creators as Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours.

“That wasn’t right, so I decided—and my brother Samuel Jean agreed to help me—that I should blow up the school.” Their weekend attempt to destroy the buildings of their school failed however, due to a faulty grasp of how bombs (or science in general) works.

Later, Jean, who was tired of having his freedom hampered by his strict grandmother, also convinced his siblings to pour Ajax in his grandmother’s milk because, as he had previously seen on TV, “it is the quickest way to kill someone.” Oh, and he once stole ,000 from his father’s church funds.

The Daily Beast picks the 12 juiciest bits from the book: In the aftermath of the earthquake that flattened and destroyed the area around Port-au-Prince in 2010, Jean—who was born and raised in Haiti and whose first language is Creole—rushed to help in any way he could.

But when a friend named Fa Fa was carjacked and killed while transporting bodies to a graveyard, Jean “went completely insane.” “I forgot who I was, all that I had done, everything,” Jean writes.

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Lauryn Hill and Jean met when the two were still teenagers (Jean a senior in high school and Hill a freshman).Pras Michel called Jean down to their “studio” (the basement of a house in South Orange, N.