Whos dating kerry washington

01-Dec-2014 20:38

How much of my life really reflects who I am and who I want to be? "I've learned more about myself since leaving that relationship." "Coming out of an engagement, I don't even try to guess what my life is going to look like in the future anymore," she said at the time, noting that wedding planning was "hard" for her.

Records show that Washington and Asomugha filed a marriage license on June 24 in Blaine County, Idaho, though it appears the two actually got married in the town of Hailey, Idaho, with her parents as witnessses. According to reports, the couple have been dating since the summer of 2012.Washington was previously engaged to actor David Moscow; they split in 2007 after several years together. Get our biggest scoops delivered directly to your inbox!PHOTOS: Celebrity wedding dresses "Turning 30 was a time when I thought, ' Wait a second. Click here to sign up today for the Us Weekly email newsletter.Who among us hasn't sworn up and down that we will only date a certain type or have certain romantic requirements, only to fall for someone who's completely opposite anyway?

But if you choose to believe what the New York Daily News calls a "reliable" anonymous source, Washington and Asomugha met in a totally fitting way for the actor and retired football player, who has also acted himself.According to a New York Daily News report from 2013, the couple "started dating a few years ago after he and a mutual friend of theirs went to see Kerry on Broadway in Race." Supposedly, the Scandal start told Nnmadi "she didn't date athletes, and he told her he didn’t date actresses, but they got together anyway." If this is true, it's pretty adorable that both Washington and Asomugha found love despite their rules about whom they would and wouldn't date.