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A quarter of the money made from each watch goes to his charity "Don't Hate On Haiti." The group hands money over to charity:water, a global organization dedicated providing potable H20 to developing nations. The irony is that this man, who has stated his devotion in mind and body to the hands-on, immediate payoff of rock music performance, is striving to be a constructive part of something long-lasting.

suggests that tying economic decisions to moral virtue, as Valiant has done, is typical of modern liberal economics.

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That is to say, believing that buying something like a watch, a pair of Tom's shoes or a chicken sandwich can be good for you in an ethical sense is a relatively new phenomena.

such as his group's 16 years of flash-bulb caliber success, he lumps in the category of "surreal." He refers to fronting the All-American Rejects as the only job he can handle: "The thing I know how to do," he said, "I don't know how I feel about anything right now, man.