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28-Dec-2014 21:04

While Milian and Lil Wayne are currently dating, Steffans has said her relationship with the rapper has never really ended. "I have a lot of very positive attention by the fans, but not only the fans, but also the media."The thing with that situation is, I feel like that name shouldn't even be in the category or in the same sentence as my name," Milian said. When somebody's trying to hop on the bandwagon and try to get some attention than they're gonna say my name." The singer also spoke about trusting Lil Wayne. "Unless you see the activity going down, at the end of the day, for me, all I can do is trust.Still, the "Rebel" songstress can't seem to get Weezy off of her mind!

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It was a big part of what he was talking about, so we always hold Lil Wayne in high regards.

Whatever financial problems Lil Wayne may be having haven’t prevented him from buying a mighty big ring for “Instagram model” Erika F Baby. The Las Vegas brunette took to Instagram to brag about Wayne’s gift earlier this week.

It has only been a few weeks since singer Christina Milian has spoken publicly about her relationship with Lil Wayne but now, the singer is blasting a woman from Weezy's past.

Speaking with "This Is Max TV," Milian spoke about Karrine Steffans, an author and former hip-hop video model.

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I put out full trust, and just trust that karma is one thing, and another thing is if you mess around, if something's not what it should be, then that's on you. And I'm an understanding woman, too." Earlier this month, Milian spoke about her relationship with the rapper and said he's not very public.

Christina Milian officially broke things off with rapper Lil Wayne several weeks ago.

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