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01-Apr-2016 06:31

Wii Channels are applications available for the Wii console through the Wii Menu.The Wii uses several pre-installed channels for many of its basic functions, such as launching discs, buying Virtual Console games, and managing Miis.This page lets you know how to upgrade your Wii Shop so you can buy and download games without updating your Wii's firmware.Note: It is highly recommended that you just use a normal System Update to update the Shop rather than following these steps, but they are here for if you are having trouble.Look backward, friends: The Nintendo Wii still has some life in it.Additional applications and games can be downloaded through the the Wii Shop Channel, giving the Wii console much more flexibility than its predecessors.

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Forecasts are falling; profits are down; and Nintendo's new console just can't bottle the lightning its predecessor left behind.

The faithful may believe that the Wii U will pull through (after all, to play in the meantime.