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I didn't encounter a bunch of fake profiles, hookers, or scam artists. These women are busy, confident, indenpendent and they know what they want - they are horny, they don't have the time to fool around, they want the guy that will satisfy their enormous sexual appetite and FUCK THEM on a regular basis.To tell you the truth, in six months that I spent on the site, I met 3 wild girls that I had to satisfy at least once a week. The one thing I noticed is the need to be persistant.Honestly, that was a bit too much for me, so I'm currently taking a break but will be back in the action pretty soon. By far the best hookup site that you will ever encounter. Here's why - all the girls on this site are looking for discreet relationships. If you put the time with the email exchange, the close with a specfic date, time, and place, you'll have one hell of an experience with a black girl.Look no more, make your account NOW and, believe me, you WILL FUCK A MILF pretty soon! In order to talk to the girls, after you register you have to confirm your registration by going to your email inbox and following the link that website sent you. Some are horny housewives, others just looking for some serious fun. It helps to be black yourself, but if you're a white guy like me, you still have a great success rate. One of the strongest parts of this brand is their tie in with social media. Lets face it, most MILF dating sites are complete garbage. The other major advantage is the women are very attractive..REAL. The biggest advantage is the ability to actually get laid, unlike on most sites.

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Not only that, you're at least getting a bj within the first few hours of meeting the girl - if she's into you that is! You have to be a guy that loves sex and pleasing a woman AND has a romantic side to him.

These women aren't sluts, they're actually looking for a REAL relationship.

So if you're up to that, then go ahead - this is the right place for you. If you're fan of beautiful, young, chubby girls, than this site is for you.

Unlike the girls from BBW desire, these girls will not jump in your bed instantly.

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First thing you do is join for FREE and see which girls are looking to hook up. The site has over 18 million members, so finding girls in your area is sooo simple. In order to talk to the girls, after you register you have to confirm your registration by going to your email inbox and following the link that website sent you. I've also learned that women are so negative on their body image, that if they have huge tits & ass, they feel uncomfortable on traditional dating sites. Sure, they could lose a couple pounds only, but the big T&A make up for it. The women I met on this site definitely are not the shy ones here guys.If you can weed out the obese ones, and just focus on the average girls with huge tits, the amount of sex you'll have will be amazing. If you're looking for a confident woman with a high sex drive, you seriously need to check this out. Most of the women aren't just looking for a friends with benefits situation. You can't get away with being just a nice, hopeless romantic on here.