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The appeal was entirely that this could be the family next to you at any Reform synagogue service.Rather than following in his parents' white-collar footsteps, he says he made the decision to go into porn while still in kindergarten.His slight build, smile and tendency to somehow communicate an innate sweetness while balls-deep in a colleague's asshole gained him legions of female fans, rocketing him to porn star fame, and eventually, real fame."But I'm definitely the loudest one about my Jewish heritage." He's part of a long and proud tradition of porn stars who are not just Jewish, but whose Judaism can be considered a defining trait.Ron Jeremy may be notorious for his homeliness (despite the fact that as a young man, he was one mean, lean hunk of a dude), but the Hedgehog is fugly in a very stereotypical old-Jewish-man way, all excess body hair and prominent nose on a physique that's definitely had more than its share of , which featured both his impressive Jewfro and tight-knit Jewish family helping him run his porn empire.The adult film industry is a lot like the WWE—we know it's fake, but we enjoy the spectacle for what it is: a fun mirror being held up to our actual experiences that caricatures everything to outlandish proportions.So what happens when we get a very real and immediate look at adult film stars when they're stripped of their make-up and all other adult film context?It's no secret that adult film stars use quite a bit of make-up when they're putting in work.

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The crown prince of porn is totally okay with jokes about his Semitism.You would be too if your nice, Jewish, boy-next-door looks had made you arguably the biggest (heh) male porn star of all time. Born in Los Angeles County to successful engineer parents, he grew up in an upper-middle-class household in Pasadena.But before the blowjobs, the profiles in and the​ degradation of costarring in a mainstream "film" (if you can even call it that) with Lindsay Lohan, James Deen was just Bryan Matthew Sevilla, a boy who went to synagogue on the high holidays like all the other Yids."I don't know if I'm the only [Jewish porn star]," he says in a voice that recalls every overly excited Jew-boy I ever went to summer camp with.

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Seeing these women in a "natural" state next to the characters that they're paid to play allows for another way of viewing the people and process that goes into making adult films.

If you have a "Jews love money" joke in mind, now would be the time to make it.