Women dating an androgynous man

29-Aug-2015 20:29

Many women are confused and frustrated about men and dating...they don’t know why.

Here is my take on this malaise: At one time, men were the hunters and women were the gatherers.

Men and women are exhibiting more androgynous behavior.

Mind you, not all men and women are embracing a form of androgyny, but many are.

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On an intuitive level, this essence is still alive today.

However, since the advent of the sixties sexual revolution, American cultural standards have shifted.

In the event he should decide the woman doesn't meet his needs after all, he has no problem leaving. Gratification with no commitment and no repercussions---that's his motto!

Yet sadly, women offer themselves up to this so-called male "feminist" who is actually a "gatherer" in disguise. Male gatherer guy does not have the inclination or the stamina for true romance women crave.

Thus, the distinctions between the sexes are blurred..Consequently, there is a whole lot of friction going on in the world of dating. His take is, "If women want equality, let her prove herself to me." Hmmm...