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26-Feb-2015 17:38

The company's love of dogs is written into its corporate code of conduct: "Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture.This week I’ve been finishing off the missing parts of the gunplay system before pushing forward with deathmatch tests.After some experimentation I settled on using time synced 4 bullet loopable samples scheduled with the Unity audio engine ahead of time, then scheduling early stop times when the player doesn’t actually shoot all 4 bullets of the audio chunk, then injecting the tail end of a single shot or burst shot on the end of the fire clip to ensure it doesn’t stop abruptly.There are a few reasons for this, one is aliasing between our update rate and the gun rate of fire not matching, another is rendering framedrops causing interruptions in the Unity sound engine.I have an almost working framework for sub frame bullet events which should solve most of those issues, however actually synthesizing very fast firing bullet sounds well turned out to be not as simple as I thought.Results from first iteration (which are things we mostly knew about) are that gun sounds and hit feedback needs a lot of work.In the current version of hurtworld, the assault rifle has a lot of trouble maintaining a steady fire rate."We mined data from nearly a petabyte of Landsat imagery—that’s more than 700 trillion individual pixels—to choose the best cloud-free pixels," Herwig wrote.

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It's a night-and-day difference -- move the slider in the middle to see for yourself: As you can see, the new image is more detailed.

Getting such clear photographs involves a lot of data.

The company has deployed new imagery from NASA's Landsat 8 observation satellite in Google Maps and Google Earth, Program Manager Chris Herwig wrote in a blog post Monday.

What this basically amounts to is much crisper imagery when you're using the "satellite" function on Google Maps, which shows locations as they would appear in real life. Google offered two satellite images of New York City to showcase the change.

I managed to get some amazing weapon sound source material this week, which provided both full auto recordings and single shot recordings.

To my surprise, playing single shots at full auto speed sounds nothing like the recording of actual full auto recordings (and nowhere near as good).

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