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10-Mar-2015 14:57

Since it usually takes around two years between each expansion (give or take a few months), Blizzard keeps players entertained by what it calls "content patches." These bigger patches add exciting new things to do rather than just balance tweaks.

A content patch could contain anything from a new dungeon to a new 25-person raid to a new zone — or often some combination of all of these.

Tanaan Jungle was the first place I went when I booted back up a few weeks ago following a year-plus away from the game.

It wasn’t just player and critical feedback, either.

That love for the expansion showed in subscriber numbers, which crested over 10 million once more for the first time in years. I stopped playing three or four months after review, because I don’t think it was wrong.

ecosystem — and, indeed, the ecosystem of any subscription-based massively multiplayer game.

Players continue paying a monthly fee to access the game in part because they believe there will be a continued stream of fresh content for them to check out, aspire to conquer and be challenged by.

In a Twitch Q&A (rounded up here by MMO Champion), ’ release and was a little bit better.It had a large, challenging new raid and a big zone, Tanaan Jungle. Tanaan Jungle suffers from a repetitive structure of daily quests that offer very little to actually do in that nice, new area.