Wrong itunes account when updating apps who is dbanj dating 2016

04-Nov-2014 10:37

Yes, I've made sure I was signed in with the right account on i Tunes and synced, but the problem persists... The only way to get the updates I want from the account I want is to update through itunes. If so, perhaps your cracked apps and the purchased ones are getting mixed together and that would be causing this.

Try updating the apps one-by-one and skip the cracked apps.

Okay, for some reason whenever I try to update an app from the app store it automatically asks for the wrong account's password. I have a iphone 4 and 3gs both jailbroken with jailbreak me.I go to settings and see that I'm logged into the Roth one, but it still keeps asking for the password of the other. I've had the problem with blackra1n and spirit as well.