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Only a decade later, Hollywood is gambling that they are ready for a film with a homosexual theme.But the investment of millions in movie-budget and movieadvertising dollars represents a radical shift in attitude, regardless of attempts to downplay it.In 1971, financial success eluded John Schlesinger's critically-acclaimed ''Sunday Bloody Sunday,'' about an unmarried couple attracted to the same man; audiences weren't ready for it.A.'s ''Victor, Victoria,'' in which Julie Andrews finishes off her nun and governess image by playing a woman pretending to be a man who is a female impersonator.The challenge was to sell these films without alienating either the general audience or the homosexual audience. Executives and film makers even denied that their projects were about homosexuality, insisting, for example, that ''Personal Best'' was a look at competition and friendship, while ''Victor, Victoria'' was alleged simply to be an updated version of an old farce.Paramount Pictures's ''Partners,'' which opened this weekend, is a comedy about two New York cops (one's straight, the other isn't) who pretend to be lovers to solve a murder.It follows: 20th-Century Fox's ''Making Love'' (a doctor leaves his wife for another man); Warner Bros.'s ''Personal Best'' (two female Olympic teammates fall in love) and ''Deathtrap'' (Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve play lovers), and M-G-M/ U.He also recollected how one of the unit members, who was appointed to simply blow the fan, would burst out laughing every time Ranbir opened the towel.

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Ranbir Kapoor is winning praise for his recent film 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' where people are appreciating his brilliant acting skills.In a recent interview on a talk show with Neha Dhupia, Ranbir opened up about a lot of interesting things.One of them was the much talked about towel dropping scene from his debut movie ‘Saawariya’.Ranbir recalled details of the shoot and said that he was butt naked with 100 people behind him.

Saying that he thinks a man’s full frontal is not “cinematic and beautiful”, Ranbir added that he finds it “a little violent” instead.Correction Appended Major film studios made a hedged bet this season that the healthy, wealthy and-or wise homosexual was a marketable commodity.