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21-Dec-2015 06:02

So, I took a year and a half off from the dating scene and focused on finding myself again.What was I passionate about and what was important to me? There was the time my fridge started leaking and my dishwasher broke and I sat on the kitchen floor crying surrounded by water.The thought of being single, and having to find a partner terrified me.Now, here I am, almost two years to the day since my marriage ended, and I'm single. After my marriage ended I jumped into a relationship way too quickly. It was the rebound relationship that everyone has after their marriage, or a long relationship, ends.He was talking and laughing non-stop, making fun of himself and everything and everyone around him. I know this is mostly a running blog but I also like to chat about other things every once and awhile. I can clearly remember being in the bar, with my girlfriends, a few years ago and commenting on how thankful I was to be married.I spent my free time with London, with friends, and a lot of time alone. Coming home to an empty house, when London is with his dad, can be difficult. To know that I don't need someone to do things for me (everything from barbecuing to cutting grass and changing light-bulbs.) I've learned it's okay to be alone.So, a couple months ago I decided to delve into the world of online dating.

He just arrived to UK from Canada and did not know a soul.

So it was lovely to just stroll around central London and point out all the famous landmarks.

The boy was extremely cute, 24-years old, with a sexy Canadian accent.

I swore, up and down, I would never do it but I did.

We met one cold Wednesday morning in Covent Garden. I have never gambled in my life, so this was a fun experience. I quickly suggested making a swift exit at that point, seeing as he was keen to continue, and probably lose, all the money for our dinner. We kept in touch via phone and texts (so he went back to being The Texter :)) but he truly was one of the funniest guys I have ever met.Even though I’ve lived in London for the past 15 years, I did not really visit these tourist places anymore. He assured me that in Canada, the girls never pay for anything.