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15-Jun-2016 19:56

One woman wrestled with these issues in a recent New York Times article about how her dating life has evolved over the years thanks to online dating.She shared her learning experiences and how something as simple as an internet search could given her a little more insight before she pursued some men.Not only that, it’s ideal to find out some information before rather than later into a relationship.…And the drawbacks One downside to researching your online date is the lack of context and perhaps an overload of information.Some people can use any potential negative they find online about someone as an excuse not to go out.Either way, conducting a background check and doing your research on an online dating partner will give you more insight to who you could potentially be meeting up with.In addition, you save time and money on the travel to meet up with the person, and the bill you would be paying for you and your date.

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Online dating eases the fear of going out, approaching others face to face and allows for more transparency and availability to those who are single.However, there is still skepticism revolving the online dating world – how much do we actually know about this person, are they accurately representing themselves, and what about leaving some room for surprise?While the author worries about how online dating sites have taken over the humanness of dating, she also makes a point of how the access to online information about potential dates can be a “lifesaver.” This is the crux of dating in the Internet age.How to strike a balance between genuine human connection and spontaneity while utilizing technology in an intelligent way to help you sidestep incompatible or even dangerous partners?

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Smart phones, social media and digital technology have transformed dating in our society.

It has become increasingly acceptable to meet your partner online and through dating websites.

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