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I don't even know him." He said, "It's easy to make a mistake in life, but it's not fair to take advantage of an old video.On July 2009, he arrived in Mexico to play soccer, and he was bombarded by questions about his relationship with Belinda.Maybe seeing his girlfriend caught with another man at a nightclub didn’t sit so well with Giovani Dos Santos.I see that you still miss me..." Belinda and Dos Santos first met in 2006 when she filmed Disney's "Cheetah Girls 2" in Barcelona, notes Quien.The singer and actress explained said to a reporter than when Dos Santos puts a fist to his forehead to celebrate a goal, he was dedicating it to her.She denied it, but it seemed like the beginning of the end for the two.The photos are incredible, only I want to say that it was done a while ago and the content regarding my relationship with Giovani has now changed...

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Aralarında amirallerin de bulunduğu çok sayıda muvazzaf asker hakkında gözaltı ...İstanbul'da öğretmenlik yapan Seren I., boşanma aşamasında olduğu eşi Ahmet K.'den daha fazla nafaka alabilmek için mahkemeye 700 bin euroluk sahte dekont sundu.In a now-deleted Tweet, she said, "I can't believe how people change.