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19-Jul-2015 18:39

Their image and reputation was bigger than humanly possible so it's not surprising huge singers like Gaga are height conscious!said on 28/Jan/15 She's definitely short, I was expecting Rob to have her at 5'2" but 5'1 is more likely and what I'd have guessed.said on 29/Jun/16 @J: if we're talking about the same Ice: he's 6'2.And that one wishes he was taller so if they are the same guy it will all make sense.I've actually met Selena gomez at Universal Studios Hollywood next to the tour/King Kong ride.

S and about 90% of females I see are 2+ inches shorter than I and I wear half-inch does.

She an incredible singer, I've been getting into her jazz stuff recently, previously I thought she was just commercial tripe like Bieber and Lil' Wayne but she's genuinely talented and a world class talent.