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I knew I was — how do you say — a “sapiosexual” from an early age, but the power-play of a student-teacher relationship became particularly appealing to me as well.n her seminal essay, “Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment,” prominent professor and feminist Jane Gallop offers an explanation of the sexual harassment charges brought upon her by two female students.I’d done my fair share of flirting with science teachers in middle school when I first uncovered my sexuality but still found teenage boys nasty.I’d had enough schoolgirl fantasies during second period to make a feature-length porno.She argues that current conduct codes existing in U. universities enforce a policy of silence and restriction that thwart all potentially meaningful sexuality between students and teachers.In attempting to justify her own sexual relationships with students, though, Gallop ignores the ultimately protective function of such policies.” “It is very common here in France.” As disturbed as I was, the image of this phenomenon incepted itself into my mind in the most insidious way.I’d heard of girls in high school fucking older men and bragging about it.

Same thing in college: didn’t hear a word my professor said in my Shakespeare seminar, drooled through English classes without learning a thing.

I wanted to fuck my sociology GSI with every fiber in my nether regions.

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Of course, all would be jealous of the girl who was ultimately chosen.” “Isn’t that a little fucked up?

I had a maths professor at the Sorbonne who would pick the brightest girl every term to be his pet. They would sit in the front of class and ask for attention.

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