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05-Mar-2015 11:39

so its world events, work stuff etc that we talk and debate about.

We have never discussed our feelings for each other, but I have told him that I like him and his character and him very much.

he told me back then that he was always thinking about me - and it was mutual.

Though we never got around to having sex, we did spend one night cuddling and holding each other close and that just made us feel even more 'bonded'/.

by Red Oktober (London) There are some amazin women here who have helped me understand the Aqua Man in my life - THANK-YOU so much for taking the time to post. There are also some great Aquarius men who have taken the trouble to give us insights into their character and special way of thinking. Any Aquarius men willing to read and comment on this post would be very kind to do so, and it would be appreciated.

Me and Aqua met 10 years ago, had a really strong connection and liked each other very much.

(i was careful not to make eye contact when i said it, but from the corner of my eye, i did see that he was shocked, even a little offended (! I've since told him the same thing a couple of times - again, spur of moment and in the context of conversation and in a very light-hearted, non-threatening way. At first, I thought that i'd done something wrong, and I especially thought so when i didn't hear from him again for a month or two.

The result was that I stopped all contact with Aqua and he didn't 'come back'.

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(The same manipulative 'friend' who then declared his love for me!

I made the wrong choice back then and fell for 'the friend'. HUGE Mistake.) At the time, I believed the lies and didn't realize that I was being manipulated so badly.

Long story short, we then suddenly disappeared from each others lives for 10 years.

At the time, I was told some pretty nasty lies about the Aqua by someone I thought was a friend.

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This was done in a fun way, not a 'heavy' way and was very much in passing conversation.He did not say anything like that back and looked a little uncomfortable, like he didn't know how to react. When I text him the next morning after he's left, I usually say something like "Nice to see you last night - take care. "Thanks" Ha ha ha ha ha - it actually makes me laugh at this stage, its sooo like him to 'pull away' like that!