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On Tuesday, faced with a choice between a highly competent if uncharismatic female candidate and the deranged distillation of the angry white male id, America chose the latter.

(Or, at least, the Americans whose votes count most in the Electoral College chose the latter: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.) We don’t yet have a full picture of the electorate, but according to exit polls published by the , 54 percent of women voted for Clinton while 53 percent of men chose Donald Trump.

Men—joined by white women, a majority of whom voted for Trump—banded together to award the presidency to the most shamelessly misogynist candidate in modern history.

They’ve given us a kakistrocracy because they couldn’t bear the sound of Clinton’s voice.

The Ministry of Justice oversees prosecution and sentencing.

In the UK the Home Office is responsible for the reduction and prevention of crime and oversees policing.

I don’t begrudge any Bernie Sanders supporters the consolation of thinking that their man could have saved us from this calamity.

Writing in the earlier this year, Peter Beinart surveyed some of the academic literature on the anxieties that powerful women provoke in both genders. “When told that a fictional female state senator was ambitious, however, men and women alike ‘experienced feelings of moral outrage,’ such as contempt, anger, and disgust.” The rage is more aggressive in men, but it’s there in women, too.

As those of us opposed to Trump and Trumpism absorb the trauma of what happened in America on Tuesday night, there are going to be vicious recriminations on the left.

The fact that white women displayed so little gender solidarity is not that surprising; many women have always identified more with their race or religion than their sex.

Near Trump Tower in Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, I saw a vendor selling buttons that read “Hot Chicks Vote Republican.” Women at Trump rallies donned shirts emblazoned with “Adorable Deplorable.” Given what our society values in women, it’s understandable that large numbers of women wouldn’t want to see themselves in someone reviled as shrill and unfuckable. Okimoto found that people’s views of a fictional male state senator did not change when they were told he was ambitious,” he wrote.

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